They are an extraordinary team who understand our vision and philosophy. They told our story in an elegant way and created a hand-crafted online presence that reflects the way we work and the quality of the products we design.

Spread Ripples

Charities fill an important place in our society and have many stories to tell about the people they help. But not all of them are able to reach their audience and create momentum.

Spread Ripples is a prototype we designed and developed to help charities create an online presence and connect with their audience. Supporters of charities can create real-life riplles by donating time, goods or funds to sustain the commom causes they believe in.

Mockup of the Spread Ripples iOS app Mockup of the Spread Ripples iOS app


Svelte is a taxi startup based in Birmingham (UK) that delivers a refreshing experience for passengers, drivers and taxi companies alike. We designed and developed a full package for Svelte that includes the mobile apps for passengers and drivers along with a fully-integrated dispatching system, all working seamlessly together. Additionally, we helped design all the marketing materials used to promote the business.

We’ve been very fortunate to work with a client who completely trusted and allowed us to do the absolute best job we can. Svelte is currently in beta testing and the feedback we’ve received so far is extraordinary.

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Mockup of the Gold&Black apps

Colr for iOS

Colr is a state of the art color recognition application with a modern flat design and a huge database of colors that are saved in 5 different formats such as HEX, RGB, Lab, CMYK, HSB.

You can take pictures within the app or use photos from either your camera roll or photo stream in order to identify colors. It provides an unlimited amount of color storage and simple and quick social media share with Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

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Mockup of the Colr iOS app

Dragana Perisic

Dragana Perisic designs are handmade in London and usually kept for ever. Their philosophy is not to conform to the fashion industry's fast cycle, but to slow it down and help customer appreciate real style and quality.

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Mockup of Dragana Perisic's website


Rant & Rave is a web application which allows companies to capture feedback from their customers right after providing a service, ensuring the most accurate data. The platform collects, analyses and organises all pieces of feedback received automagically offering valuable insights to improve customer experiences.

Our team explored the future of Rant&Rave by delivering concepts which take the valuable insights offered to an entire new level. Have a look at the presentational video to see our concepts in action.

Mockup of the Rant&Rave web app


We are a passionate design and technology company specialized in crafting polished native mobile applications, web applications and websites.

Over the years our work took us to various places across the world and we are now working from Romania. The 20+ years of combined experience along with our vision and seamless workflow help us deliver the most impressive results for your business, on time and on budget every time.

Before starting a new project we'd be more than happy to meet you face-to-face anywhere in Europe or on Skype. Get in touch today to discuss your project requirements and get a free estimate.

Robert Eles

Full-Stack Engineer Cluj

Andrei Ciursa

Full-Stack Designer Bucuresti
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Andrei is a talented, creative designer with a broad skill set – from visual design through interaction modelling and web development. He is a reliable and generous collaborator. He understands that the User Experience is key to any successful product or service, and he engages intellectually with every problem -- challenging ideas to explore and uncover new opportunities. He also has the technical skills to bring his digital designs to life. Andrei is a web designer for today. It's a pleasure working with him.

– Julian Hirst, Executive, British Interactive Media Association (BIMA)

Robert combines a special set of talents in his amazing projects. He has great business acumen and a passion for understanding design and broad technical skills. These give him the tools to quickly understand businesses, identify real problems and diligently develop and test complex solutions with exceptional results. He is a great partner to work alongside with.

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